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Casting Now!
                           Kim Mills -20's-  once a school teacher, Kim is now working on her first children's book in hopes of
                          it getting published to solidify her as a writer. Her love of children comes thru in her writing, she always
                          knew she wanted to be around kids her entire life. Now she and her husband hope to move up from their lower-class
                          house and neighborhood into something a little bigger and better so they can start a family of their own.

                          Jennifer -20's - Kim's best friend and neighbor. Although she's a good friend, at times she's become
                          jealous of Kim and her husband because of their drive and ambition, Jennifer knows their family is destined
                          for something better, and Jennifer wishes she could be the same way.

                          Sean Mills - early 30's - business suit type.Works in an office from nine to five daily, but has
                          ambitions for something more.  He's on the verge of a big raise, all he has to do is land the interview,
                          then he and his wife can move to a bigger place in the suburbs to start the family they've been hoping for.

                          Mr. & Mrs. Cowan - mid 30's - A struggling married couple trying their best just to get by during
                          this economic crisis.  They can't even afford their low-class residence any longer and are being forced out.
                          This shy couple has always kept to themselves, curtains drawn and doors closed.  This mysteriousness has lead
                          to gossip around the neighborhood as to what their couple is truly like…

                          Officer Bauer - late 30's - a once handsome cop has grown worn and tired from the things he's seen on the streets.
                          He continues to do his best to keep the streets safe, but carries a sadness with him.    


Written By
Sean Wathen

Amy Chretien
Hair and make-up Artist

Rob Lamagna
Executive Producer


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