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Technology lets a young investigator be immersed in the remnant memories
of a recently murdered girl known only as "Eva". He relives her torturous
last days in order to find her killer. But the problem with this new
technology is: can he ever come back to reality?

                     LEAD Female  Eva 20s
                     a helpless looking but with hidden physical power.
                     She was held captive in a basement and brutalized by The Man, and nobody rescued her.
                     She never gave up her resolve to escape, and ultimately torments Cole's mind because
                     of his futility and inability to save her. Must have great range; and go from desperate
                     and vulnerable at the beginning, to powerful and frightening at the end.

                     LEAD - Male - Cole - 20s 
                     handsome and charming but has a brash and reckless side. Young investigator whose job
                     it is to use a futuristic machine as a forensic tool, to enter Eva's memories and discover
                     the identity of her killer. Likes to catch the bad guy, but is frustrated with his new
                     assignment with the machine.

                     SUPPORTING - Male - The Man - 30s-60s 
                     Eva's captor and abuser. Southern twang encouraged/preferred,
                     but by no means required. Religious zealot determined to beat Eva into righteousness.
                     Must be comfortable with implied violence.

                     SUPPORTING - Female - Karen - 20s
                     brunette, lab tech with a punk attitude.
                     Mildly bored by her job operating the machine Cole has been assigned to use.
                     She is charmed by Cole but doesn't want him to know it.

                     SUPPORTING - Male - Elderly Man - 70s
                     A sweet man who happens to hear Eva's screams from the basement
                     and tries to help her, with dire consequences.

                     3 doctors, frantically trying to resuscitate Cole when something goes wrong with the machine.



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