Merritt Films
In the near future, the dead do tell tales

Technology lets a young investigator be immersed in the remnant memories
of a recently murdered girl known only as "Eva". He relives her torturous
last days in order to find her killer. But the problem with this new
technology is: can he ever come back to reality?

Dr. Lowe has managed to put together, piece by piece, one of the most powerful computer systems in the world. The system is able to learn as it goes along. After many simulations, it has come to a point where it can construct the “real-world” simulation from garbled, seemingly incomplete information extracted from the deceased brain. Each “Scene” is constructing to minute details allowing the Observer to be “inserted” into this reality. He can move around and see everything that the deceased observed and more. The system builds up things that the deceased may not have seen, such as the back of objects or even items out of sight. The system will not allow the Observer to change any part of the simulation. This includes moving objects. The Observer is not able to communicate with the simulation participants. Dr. Lowe hopes to correct this as well as getting the scenes in a correct linier timeline in the next upgrade.


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